WIAW- Short and Sweet

Hi there!

It’s WIAW again- always fun! This WIAW is going to be short and sweet, because my internet connection is being slower than molasses and Zazu keeps asking to go outside every 5 seconds haha.  Let’s get right to it 😉

Breakfast of banafied oats with chocolate pumpkin seeds, and carrot/cucumber/apple/lemon juice. Classic combo!

Snack of a mini power muffin from my new favorite recipe. I have to keep making batches of these because they go fast in my family!


My ever so predictable lunch of a wrap, Way Better chips, and an apple. #nevergetsold


After school snack of Stonyfield Greek plain with cocoa powder and raw supergreen granola. The granola might look odd, but it just tastes like coconut and is so good!


Then it was off to do barn chores. Buddy did his first jumping show this week and was such a good pony! I’m so blessed to have them in my life.


A loaded sweet potato with a probably too many spoonfuls of hummus became dinner- my new favorite! (Apologies for the picture repeat)


Dessert and product loving are all wrapped up in one! My mom went on a quick errand to CVS for a few things, and returned home with this! My first time ever trying Justin’s Maple Almond Butter did not disappoint, especially paired with banana. It’s really just a big jar of bliss.


And Zazu even got a tiny taste 😉


Thanks to the awesome Jenn for hosting WIAW each week!

Have a great day,


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42 thoughts on “WIAW- Short and Sweet

  1. CVS sells Justin’s? Where??? I want to buy some! I love the green granola! Funky looking, but as I’ve learned from green smoothies, taste is all that matters!

    • I just double checked with my mom and she said she also stopped by Walmart! That makes much more sense;) I was wondering how I missed it all those times at CVS haha!

  2. I love your pictures of Zazu 🙂
    Good day of eats! I still need to try sweet potato and hummus. It looks so good!!

  3. That loaded sweet potato is calling my name! Such a hearty and healthy meal.

  4. haha- zazu has such a confused look! Your wraps always look so good!

  5. Awww love that pic of Zazu!!!

  6. Your wraps always make me soo hungry, girl!

  7. I love that almond butter! It’s one of my faves 🙂

  8. I miss Justin’s soooo bad! After my paleo challenge is over, I am eating a whole jar in one sitting…ok ok, maybe 2 jars in one sitting 🙂 Tastes like cookie dough!

  9. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I’d love to know where you got that green granola/what the brand is? I’m always looking for new granolas to try (I mean of course…it’s granola! So good!) and coconut is my favorite flavor of almost anything!

  10. Lift, Sleep, Eat

    oh yummm, i love that maple almond butter – its unreal!

  11. What’s that green granola stuff? Looks interesting!

  12. Your dog is just so adorable!

  13. Those muffins sounds awesome! I just saved it and I can totally make them paleo 🙂 Thanks Sunnie

  14. Awwr Zazu! My heart is melted. You’re definitely a lucky girl with your animals 🙂

  15. Ohhhh Zazuu! The wrap looks lovely as always! Love new jars of nut butter 🙂

  16. Ooh I bought some Ezekiel tortillas yesterday and I’m excited to make a wrap! I’ve actually never made a wrap other then when I worked at a cafe in high school 0.0 The one you made for lunch just got me excited about it! Lol!

  17. Wednesday sure was a good eats day for you 😀

  18. Maple almond butter?! I’ve never heard of such a thing… sounds amazing! Must. Find.

  19. Zazu! Now more than anything I just want a big gigantic kiss from my dog at home 🙂 Gross, I know, but I miss her warm little body laying on my lap!

  20. yummm i love that almond butter! havent had it in awhile, gotta get on that! and chocolate pumpkin seeds sounds so good

  21. that’s my favorite almond butter for sure!

  22. Have you tried Justin’s vanilla almond butter? SO GOOD.

  23. kimthevegan www.rockmyvegansocks.vaskor.ca

    Fun day of eats. I love the chocolate pumpkin seeds! Those way better chips look tasty – I will have to try them out sometime.
    Your dog is adorable =) I love the tongue sticking out haha.

  24. I really need to try those Way Better chips. They look super delicious!

    Loving the doggie picture. So, so cute :).

  25. I put cocoa powder in plain Greek yogurt too! Love the banafied oats with chocolate pumpkin seeds! Congratulations to you and Buddy on a successful horse show!

  26. Have you ever had the vanilla almond butter by Justin’s? I think they only sell it at Whole Foods, but it’s the best flavored AB I’ve ever tried!

  27. I really want to try maple nut butter, it looks delicious! Zazu clearly thinks so too!!

  28. Zazu is so adorable!

    I’ve got your muffin recipe pinned for later- I’m so excited 🙂

  29. Reading your posts always make me so happy 🙂 You are so inspirational and I wish I could have a piece of each of your meals haha also Zazu is a cutie!

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