On the Road

We’ve headed out of town for a few days, and I am SO excited! We were supposed to leave at around 6 AM (Translation: 8:30 AM), so I made sure to pack a few healthy staples up the night before! On our across the country road trip last summer, I learned quite a few things about keeping up the healthy choices while traveling. Sometimes, all you have is this…

Mcdonalds sign (2)

..and that’s okay. But it helps to have quite a few healthy snacks on board for the trip down as well as when you arrive  🙂 I didn’t specifically go shopping for the trip, but a few weeks ago I began collecting a few things from here and there and putting them in a bag so there wouldn’t be any pressure on packing day.

1.) One of these items was Way Better Chips, which I bought another bag of since I loved the samples so much!


2.) Almonds, these cute little flax packs, and a frozen Greek yogurt for the car ride. I love freezing individual yogurts- 5 yours later they thaw and turn into fro-yo!


3.) Lydia’s Green powder sample and a few power muffins


4.) Orgains, OU81 Bars that just came in for review, and trail mix.


5.) Last but not least, we can’t forget good old instant oats, as well as fruit! I packed in apples and bananas.


And just for fun:



And more thing: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my lovely readers for leaving such nice comments all the time! They really do make my day 🙂


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30 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Ooo that’s smart. I never think about packing food, therefore I get stuck with MD’s!

  2. “We were supposed to leave at around 6 AM (Translation: 8:30 AM)…” — Love this! My family is the same way. I always tack on at least an additional 2 hours from the time we say we are going to leave, haha. It looks like you’ve got some great snacks packed for the car ride! I hope you have a great time on your trip, Sunnie!!!

  3. Good ideas. I hate that there aren’t more healthier alternatives when traveling. Everything has so much salt and preservatives 😦 Even some of the ‘healthy’ options are tainted by these things. Makes me frustrated for sure but that’s why packing ahead is so important! 🙂 I love the frozen Greek yogurt idea. Will have to do that the next time I take a trip’

  4. Amanda

    These are definitely awesome tips. I usually pack snacks for a road trip, but they aren’t always that healthy or filling! I’ll have to try the frozen yogurt. That sounds great.

  5. Great ideas for snacks, have fun on your trip! I always get suckered into the “but I’m on vacation!” dilema and eat basically whatever I feel like :-X oops!

  6. Yahoo! Have a blast, and these foods are perfect!

  7. You sure know how to pack snacks. have fun!

  8. You packed some seriously healthy snacks! Enjoy the vacay!

  9. LOVE packing road snacks! Oh and just a suggestion if you ever do have to stop at mac shack… the best option I’ve found is the southwest salad. I typically don’t use the dressing (it’s already bursting with flavor) so that leaves greens, grilled chicken, corn, blackbeans, and shaved carrots. I think it’s good, anyway!

  10. I love your idea of freezing Greek yogurt. How awesome to have frozen yogurt on the go! 🙂

  11. I’m such a planner that your cartoon truly speaks to me 😀 I spend weeks, days, and many many hours trying to forget anything. Looks like you are well packed on yummy snacks. Have a great trip!

  12. I love your travel snacks! Have a great trip!

  13. Looks like an awesome array of snacks! How cool are those flax packs?!?! have a fun trip!

  14. Molly

    Next time I go on a trip, I’m having you pack me travel snacks! haha Especially those power muffins.

  15. Looks like you packed some awesome snacks! Have fun on your trip!

  16. Have fun on your trip! I’m definitely a snack packer as well, and all of the ones you’re bringing with you sound fabulous.

  17. love all the healthy snacks. Frozen greek yogurt is such a good idea for car trips!

  18. Where are you going?

  19. I love a road trip, enjoy your holiday!

  20. even tho i eat pretty much the same stuff on roadtrips that i eat at home, it is sooo much better on the road lol..

  21. realfoodkatiesway

    Those chips look very familiar to me! I wonder if I’ve seen them around in my town! I will keep an eye out 😉

    I too like to have healthy snacks around…Dried fruit & nuts and pop chips are my go to’s if I’m feeling “munch-y”

  22. ok i don’t know what i like more: your food choices or your awesome organizing skills lol putting stuff aside so you don’t have to go crazy the night before packing? *genius* 🙂

  23. I always pack healthy snacks as well! Control what you can and relax about the rest 🙂

  24. What a great planner you are! Those look way better than fast-food snacks.

  25. I hope you are having a great trip! I packed the same cute flax packs when I was away this past summer! They’re great! I couldn’t not go the whole trip without flax seeds! Happy healthy snack eating! 🙂

  26. Happy road tripping. Hope you’re having a fabulous plan. And while its ok, I’m betting you don’t touch anything from McDonalds, unless its a salad. Great plan ahead snacks. You’re one smart cookie.

  27. Such a smart idea to pack healthy snacks ahead of time! I’m leaving for a week-long getaway soon and I’m trying to pack a lot of healthy things to snack on, thanks for the great ideas 🙂

  28. kimthevegan www.rockmyvegansocks.vaskor.ca

    I love that you took thought and preparation into healthy travel snacks! I love doing this too – it’s super fun and it makes it way easier than being tempted by something you wouldn’t normally eat.
    The flax snax are so cute, I haven’t seen them, will look for them.
    And the Lydia’s drink looks super tasty!

  29. With my upcoming trip to the states, it’s nice to see posts like this before I get ready to leave. I hope you have a fabulous road trip girl ❤

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