Sunday Night Prep

I’m guilty of spending probably way too much time in the kitchen on Sunday. I don’t usually ride on Sundays, so I somehow always end up messing around with different recipe ideas for a while. Almost all of my recipes come from these Sunday experiments 🙂 I also take about 20 minutes on Sunday night to get some prep done for the week. Here are a few quick steps that make healthy choices a whole lot easier.

1.) Make lunches the night before. I always try to make lunch right after dinner the night before, when everything is already out. Usually my lunches end up being chicken hummus veggie wraps, which are super easy to make and have plenty of staying power. Often, I make 2 wraps at a time, so I don’t have to worry about packing one the next night. Making lunch takes less than 10 minutes and is much appreciated in the morning rush!


2.) Pack up healthy snacks. Whether it’s baking up a few Power Muffins or packing trail mix into Ziplocs, having ready to go snacks around is always a good thing.


I made these power muffins with Living Intentions Super Flour, which I’m going to do a mini review of 🙂 This flour is raw, sprouted, gluten-free, and made from super clean ingredients like buckwheat, white chia, almonds, and a few other powerfoods.


Like the website says, you can literally eat it by the spoonful, since it has a really good texture and is naturally sweet. I stirred it into Greek yogurt, which I’m definitely doing again! It’s full of healthy fats and is low in sugar, great for whipping up healthy breads. The website even has a super easy pie crust recipe here. Love this stuff!

3.) Make your protein source. Whether it’s chicken, tofu, or beans, marinating and cooking your protein makes life a whole lot easier throughout the week. I usually bake a few chicken breasts and use them in everything from wraps to soups to salads.


4.) Freeze bananas!  Maybe the most important one for me, the smoothie-holic.  Frozen bananas make them so creamy!


5.) And last but not least, fill up a few bottles with water, tea, lemon water, or whatever you like to drink throughout the day. I’m way more likely to drink if there’s a water bottle in front of me. Besides, the kids at my school love to always rotate the water spigot on the water fountains so that it’s facing the poor next person about to take a drink. It’s usually just easier to pack one and avoid the possibility of getting soaked haha.


It only takes about 20 minutes, and it saves us from this all-too-familiar apology 😉



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46 thoughts on “Sunday Night Prep

  1. Oh girl. You’re reminding me that I have a few bananas that need freezing. I’ve learned my lesson with that one and peel them prior to freezing. So much easier! And I think I need to print the last picture off and just carry it in my purse with me to hand out to people. So true!

  2. I always make my lunch for work the night before. I hate having to do it in the morning. And, like you said, it just makes so much sense to do it around dinner when you’re in that zone anyway. I could buy lunch every day but it’s such a waste of money when I can make something just as tasty and far more cheap at home! I have to say, I’m still dubious about making wraps as I’m terrified all the filling will fall onto my lap when I start eating it haha.

  3. smart way to prep for the week!

  4. Meal prep really is critical 🙂 I think if people took the time to actually care about their health and nutrition, they’d be really pleased to see how much they could accomplish in a short period of time on Sundays!

  5. I am so bad about meal prep, the only thing i really do is hard boil eggs.

  6. I always have water bottles on hand! It’s so nice to have a nice cool drink all the time. I haven’t tried freezing bananas yet. They sound super good in smoothies though!

  7. Errr I’m really guilty of not making a protein source. Oops! I freeze plenty of bananas, LOVE packing snacks, but making some chicken/turkey? Ehhh… Greek yogurt seems to save my tail pretty darn often!

  8. Meal prep on Sunday’s always makes the week so much smoother! I love spending extra time in the kitchen on Sundays! All those foods look sooo good! Frozen bananas are the best for smoothies, right?! Hope you have a great day Sunnie! 🙂

  9. I can’t wait to read your review of the sprouted flour, because its something I have been reading up on myself!! I’m totally with on Sunday food prep, it makes life so much easier!!

  10. I love these tips 🙂 Frozen bananas are the key to creamy and delicious smoothies 🙂

  11. Yes I am all for preparing the night before! Such a time saver the next morning.

  12. I always try to make my lunches but I get so lazy haha! I will prepare a big quinoa salad tonight hopefully 🙂 The Power Muffins sound fantastic by the way!

  13. I need to be better about packing my lunches the night before. I use to and was so much happier all day long without the initial morning stress of running around and worrying about being late for work.

  14. Awesome tips! I also boil eggs which can last for a while and are a great protein snack.On the weekends I sometimes also make some homemade green yogurt and cut up some veggies 🙂

  15. Great tips! Frozen bananas are great. Also I’m always on the lookout for new homemade snacks. Your muffins look good!

  16. It’s so cool that you’re still in high school but you’re so self-sufficient! You’re going to be an awesome adult. I should take note from you and try meal prep and things in the near future.. Getting ready to get out on my own is crazy. The snack idea is really awesome!

    • Thank you so much Chelsea! You always leave such sweet comments! And agreed- having snacks around definitely keeps me from getting “hangry” 😉

  17. Great use of time 😀 Makes the weeks meals so much easier.

  18. Your water/lemon/honey drink is such a good and totally doable idea!

  19. hahah i no those “hangry” words, i have def spoke them around that mid day before dinner time starts to roll around lol.. i love when i prep the weekend before i make such better decisions!

  20. The only prep I do is make my lunch the night before. If I don’t, I end up eating out and spending too much!

    • Packing lunches is probably the most important prep work for me- I have to somehow get some healthier options in school for kids that don’t pack!

  21. I do all of those things as well! Great tips 🙂

  22. I am seriously impressed. No matter how many times I try to tell myself to food prep, I just never seem to do it! Fail :(.

  23. Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog so that I could find yours! I will definitely be following along! 🙂

  24. I do my prep on Mondays. My crockpot works over time and I get dinner’s ready for the week. I wish I was better about chopping the veggies!

  25. Love this post. I totally spend a ton of time in the kitchen Sundays. I make salads for a few days in advance, chop up some carrots & celery and put them in a big container of water to keep fresh and chop up a bit of broccoli. Love preparing stuff in advance =)

  26. These are great tips! It’s so worth the time on Sunday’s to prepare for the week. I also like to make my lunches while I prep dinner while everything is out. Then it’s less dishes throughout the week! I clean all of my fruit(apples, oranges, pears,etc) about 3 days worth at a time, and put them in bags to just grab and go. I also make my own trail mixes for a snack on-the-go too 🙂

  27. I love these tips! I always make my lunches right after dinner, too. And frozen bananas- what a great reminder!

  28. I always forget to freeze bananas, but they make smoothies so much better! Great post 🙂

  29. I always try to pack my lunch the night before although I tend to fail at life. I usually end up last minute before leaving to class through a salad together. Everyone always says it looks good, but I’m like eh I could do better. These tips rock though and I need to start following them!

  30. meal prep makes the week so much easier! your power muffins look delicious and like perfect snacks

  31. agreed. I’m all packed for the week and I know it loses nutritional value but it’s much better than eating horribly. :/

  32. Youre so organized!! That chicken looks divine!

  33. I don’t think there is ever a reason to feel guilty after spending time in the kitchen! 😉

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