WIAW- Creamy Quinoa with Bruschetta

Hi there!

I know it’s a cliché way to start off these posts, but I really can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! I love it when Friday comes around quickly 🙂

Yesterday was full of goodness, starting with another 5 minute Buckwheat Banana Pancake. Topped with Greek yogurt and nut butter, because there’s nothing more sad than a naked pancake! Haha


I used homemade almondmilk that I made following this recipe from Oh She Glows- it only took me about 5 minutes and I was happy with how it turned out!


A snack of the rest of this Goji Fire Trail Mix, which, with most of the spicy-ness ending up in the bottom of the bag,  made me take a million trips to the water fountain during school 😉


I love that they sell this mix in the WF Bulk bins. Has anyone heard of Whole Foods Parking Lot music video? It definitely made for a few laughs 😉

I used avocado to pack a quick lunch of…


..you guessed it! A wrap.


3 hours later? A Greek yogurt mess- I love these. Cocoa powder+organic yogurt+honey is a great combo, especially when you put banana and granola in the mix.


And a really, really good dinner of creamy quinoa, an egg, and some bruschetta sauce. Especially good because the hardest part was cooking the quinoa, and everything else took only a minute!


Speaking of bruschetta, Trader Joe’s Bruschetta is the product of the week! I love how just a little goes a long way.


Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW linkup every Wednesday!


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26 thoughts on “WIAW- Creamy Quinoa with Bruschetta

  1. Mmmmm can I just have your wrap? Seriously. That looks soooo yummy!

  2. Mmm creamy quinoa sounds good – how did you make it? I love simple meals that you can just throw together but taste so good.

  3. Why have I not tried your buckwheat pancake yet?! I need buckwheat flour in my life asap!

  4. YUmmy avocado – it looks perfectly ripe!

  5. Yum that quinoa sounds delish. And you’re right- nothing is more sad than a nakee pancake! hahahaha

  6. That quinoa sounds delicious!! I must try that buckwheat pancake too! It looks sooo good! Happy WIAW Sunnie! 🙂

  7. Love bruschetta! WIll have to try the TJ version!

  8. My grandma gave me that same trail mix and I loved it (although I didn’t read the package and realize it was spicy the first time I tried it!). I love how it’s not just sweet! Have you tried the other varieties? I think I tried Thai Lime or something like that and it was really good as well!

  9. Oh such a great idea for dinner! Will have to test that out!

  10. mmm- I love bruschetta- never think to buy it though!

  11. I wish we had a trader joes where I live! We ALMOST got one, but they decided the town was health conscious enough but not “young enough” and therefore not a good investment– UGH! Your quinoa dish looks yummy!

  12. Cliché or not: I’m always surprised by it being Wednesdayalready again, too. Wasn’t it Friday just yesterday ;)?!

    While I don’t like or eat eggs your dinner looks really good.

  13. Fun day of eats as always! I will have to check out that bruschetta. YUM
    And yea – I love that whole foods parking lot video haha ;p

  14. Good idea topping your pancake with Greek yogurt!

  15. Your yogurt, banana, cocoa powder, and honey snack is seriously calling my name. That’s like all of my favorite things mixed into one wonderful bowl.

  16. The greek yoghurt mess looks so good, I would love to grab a spoon and dig in!

  17. Love that picture of the avocado, and I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with the shape of that spoon in the almond milk picture. 😛

  18. OOooo I need to get some of that bruschetta! That sounds like the perfect egg topper :).

  19. Yum yum and yum. Everything! How cool you made your own almond milk! I am super jealous of your eats!

  20. oooh yum that bruschetta looks great! i been having quinoa with an egg on top lately, its so quick and filling!

  21. Homemade almond milk?! That looks like a good one! Also, anything topped with bananas is a winner in my book 😉

  22. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I went through such an avocado phase last year where I was eating them daily! I miss them. I got sick of buying them and being disappointed- too ripe, too underripe, etc. But I think I’m ready to try my luck again. 🙂
    And I have to try that trail mix….

  23. Yum chocolate yogurt 😀 I’ll have to mix that up, just sounds sooo good!

  24. Cooking quinoa is so annoying…I hate having to wash it and all that…

  25. I think I’ll make those pancakes for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

  26. mmmm that wrap looks so good, I need to make them more often for lunch, such an easy meal! I wish I had a Trader Joes here in Canada, looks like they have such awesome products!

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