Lydia’s Raw Spirulina Bars-my current fave! Very coconutty and so healthy!

KIND Bars-

The fruit and nut delight and the apple cinnamon pecan are to die for!

Flavor N Fiber by Gnu Foods- View my full review under “Product Reviews”. Plus 12g fiber? Yes please!

Journey Bars!- The most unique bar I’ve had! All savory flavors:)

GoRaw Bars- The spirulina bar tastes like coconut banana bread!

LARA Bars- I’ve tried Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Cashew Cookie, Cherry, and Key Lime Pie. These bars are a bit high in sugar, but you can’t beat the short and clean ingredient list. Can’t wait to try a Coconut Cream Pie!

Pure Bars-Cherry Cashew. The tart cherries work perfectly with the chewy dates that make this bar seriously addicting. Love the simple ingredients, too!

Organic Food Bar- A little high in sugar for everyday, but a really great quality bar overall.

ProBars- These bars are too die for! They are full of whole ingredients, healthy fats, and whole grains. They keep me powered through workouts and give me such an energy boost! I have only tried the Nutty Banana Boom and the Whole Berry Blast, but I loved both! I would stick to half a bar for a satisfying snack.

Click here to purchase Superfood Slam


4 thoughts on “Bars

  1. I love all of those!!!

  2. I love larabars!! Try their peanut butter and jelly…it’s my favorite!

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