Lydia’s Raw Spirulina Bars-my current fave! Very coconutty and so healthy!


The fruit and nut delight and the apple cinnamon pecan are to die for!

Flavor N Fiber by Gnu Foods- View my full review under “Product Reviews”. Plus 12g fiber? Yes please!

Journey Bars!- The most unique bar I’ve had! All savory flavors:)

GoRaw Bars– The spirulina bar tastes like coconut banana bread!

LARA Bars– I’ve tried Apple Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Cashew Cookie, Cherry, and Key Lime Pie. These bars are a bit high in sugar, but you can’t beat the short and clean ingredient list. Can’t wait to try a Coconut Cream Pie!

Pure Bars-Cherry Cashew. The tart cherries work perfectly with the chewy dates that make this bar seriously addicting. Love the simple ingredients, too!

Organic Food Bar– A little high in sugar for everyday, but a really great quality bar overall.

ProBars– These bars are too die for! They are full of whole ingredients, healthy fats, and whole grains. They keep me powered through workouts and give me such an energy boost! I have only tried the Nutty Banana Boom and the Whole Berry Blast, but I loved both! I would stick to half a bar for a satisfying snack.

Click here to purchase Superfood Slam


4 thoughts on “Bars

  1. I love all of those!!!

  2. I love larabars!! Try their peanut butter and jelly…it’s my favorite!

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