Cereals are dangerous to me, and granolas don’t stand a chance. That’s why picking a delicious one that result in too much damage when I plow through the entire bag in 2 days is so important;)


Galaxy Granola: Low fat, quality ingredients, and so delicious! Particularily the Maple Pecan Quinoa. My favorite part? You guessed it! Low sugar!

Love Grown Granola: See my review under product reviews! Just a tiny bit can boost any yogurt mess or cereal bowl!

Nature’s Path Pumkin Flax Plus Granola: amazing over yogurt! A bit high on the sugar for a full serving, though.

Bob’s Red Mill Muesli: Everything you want in a muesli- lovely as oatmeal, too!

Kashi Island Vanilla– My “dessert cereal” of choice
Ezekiel Almond Cereal- Plain? Not so much. Mixed with yogurt and a bit of honey? Incredible!

pic by shopnatural

Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal– The best chewy texture and taste and loaded with fiber+protein

Nature’s Path Instant Original– Super easy to make and has a great texture and taste without pesky added sugars 


Three Sisters Instant: Love, love, love. In particular, the plain grain. Quick and easy, plus they already put flaxseed in for you!

Bob’s Red Mill (noticing a trend?) OatBran: A really healthy take on cream of wheat and so much fiber!

TJ’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats: Of course, nothing beats low and slow like my Crockpot Oats, but this comes pretty close:)

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