A Siggi’s in Orange Ginger and my day is made.  Low sugar, high protein, hormone-free cows- essentially everything I could want out of my yogurt…and more:)

Wallaby Nonfat Plain– My go to yogurt to buy in bulk. Love that it’s organic:)

Fage Greek Yogurt– Super thick and loaded with protein-best for recipes that call for greek yogurt.

pic from good guide

Trader Joe’s NONFAT Greek Honey Yogurt: My new favorite “dessert” yogurt- the best honey flavor and only 99 cents at my TJs!

pic from dietsinreview

Chobani Vanilla Nonfat: Creamy and dreamy-lower in sugar than other Chobani

Vosko’s Greek Honey Nonfat: I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this-it’s full of protein with a strong honey flavor

Whole Foods Almondmilk: For some reason, this almondmilk is nuttier and lighter than the others- cut sugar by buying unsweetened!

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One thought on “Dairy

  1. A-Omega

    This site is very well-written, designed and useful. Great job! I was curious if you’ve tried raw milk or this product called Amasai? It’s a cultured milk that is from grass fed cows. I just saw a program on it and have been web searching so I wanted to know if you’ve tried it. Thanks again for this dope blog.

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