Nut Butters

Almond Butters:

Maranatha Creamy Almond Butter-  Super creamy and flavorful, and comes in the best jar for homemade nut butter and oats in a jar:)

TJ’s Almond Butter with Flaxseeds: The best salty almond butter I have tried- plus Omega-3s!
Peanut Butter:
Whole Food’s Creamy PB: Nothing fancy here, just good old-fashioned peanut butter that spreads better than any brand I have tried while not being too drippy.
PB2: To tell you the truth, I’m still a bit skeptical…I mean, powdered peanut butter?? Yet, it has great flavor and consistency so I bought a jar to have on hand when nut butter cravings persist on those days when I have already have plenty of healthy fats.
Raw Nut Butters:

Blue Mountain Organics Raw Nut Butter– especially cashew! Read my review here:

Trader Joe’s Raw Creamy Unsalted Almond Butter: I found this little gem on the very bottom shelf in Trader Joe’s and have never bought another kind from them since. It’s smooth and sweet- plus full of extra nutrients from being raw.

Artisina Raw Nut Butters: Read my review!:)


Seed Butters:

pic from bewellwithrielle

Maranatha Sunflower Seed Butter-great nutrition stats and incredibly addicting. Amazing in my NutButterAvocadoBanana wraps.


3 thoughts on “Nut Butters

  1. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    I love almond butter. If you can, try to make your own at home. There is nothing like it. You can mix almonds and other nuts together even add some cinnamon etc. I have been making mine for awhile now 🙂

    • Thank you for the great tips! I love making my own but last time my food processor started rattling- I think I need a bigger one:)

      • Healthy Glow Nutrition

        No problem 🙂 I think you may need to add some extra oil to nuts like almonds which you can drain off the next day. Even in my Vitamix which is a beast requires the addition of oil for almond butter. Give it a try 🙂

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