Go Raw Cafe

It might just be the last WIAW…Ready for the world to end? Haha


Well I’m ready for Christmas! There’s plenty of family, friends, and good eats to look forward to during winter break:) But before we jump into WIAW, I want to give another condolence to the family and little angels of Sandy Hook. I think I’m still in shock.


On to this week’s WIAW, thanks to the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons:) Breakfast was these cocoa blueberry oats, and this peach banana berry smoothie. Definitely provided major staying power as I was barely hungry for lunch!


peach berry best

We discovered this little gem while driving today: Go Raw Cafe. I had heard so many great things about it, but had failed to go there for some odd reason. It is sooo good. Although their menu was huge and everything sounded great, I went with the half order of the Raw Enchiladas, which came complete with “beans”, guacamole, and “rice”. I loved it all, and definitely plan on returning!


I also had a Greek yogurt when I got home, which felt so wrong after going to a raw cafe! ;)

After a lightish lunch,  I was hungry for dinner! Sunflower seed bread w/ hummus, pan seared salmon, and veggies did the trick. I wish I could say I grew those veggies, but my dog is currently using my garden as a bone cemetery.


1219 samlom

Another great dinner this week was a chickpea flour flatbread with a broiled egg- yum! I then proceeded to pile on a mountain of toppings.


And dessert was a new one- 1/2 a Kombucha+ chia seeds went into the freezer last night and made this popsicle! That’s what I do with all my smoothie fails, too. Does that count as recycling?:)


Product loving!


1.) Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour: I used up half the bag trying to make something edible, and thenthis happened…yum!

2.) Coconut!: Coconut water straight from the coconut is a million times better than bottled. I sound like such a coconut water snob, but it’s true!

3.) Green and Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate: Smooth and creamy

That’s it for now, except I am snacking on some of my sister’s dark chocolate (shhh). Have a great week!


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