Greens and Proteins

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Greens and Proteins is every health foodie’s dream. Upon walking in the door, an amazing atmosphere greets you and you know your going to get a delicious (and nutritious!) meal. The shakes on the clean and green menu are highly recommended, as well as the extensive selection of juices. I picked a green smoothie that included kale, collard greens, banana, almonds, mango, and almondmilk, and it was to die for! As far as food goes, you don’t have to worry about sky-rocketing sodium levels or be nervous about artificial ingredients. I chose lunch off the “Build Your Own Meal” after debating between that or the Grilled Vegetable Wrap for an unreasonable amount of time:) On my plate: Salmon, Quinoa, and Broccili with the aged balsamic reduction. Nothing was overly seasoned or incredibly rich, and the salmon was cooked perfectly. I was incredibly impressed with the amount of vegan and vegetarian selection they offered, including tofu fries that looked fantastic. I know I’m a regular and I suggest you become one too!

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