Surprising Cereal Ingredients

The average cereal is corn based and not nutritionally dense. This got me thinking about how the vast and never-ending selection in the cereal aisle makes it so easy to go wrong. Here are some of the common culprits that contain surprising ingredients:

Life: yellow no. 5 and yellow no. 6

Mini Wheats: BHT

Special K Chocolatey Delight: partially hydrogenated palm kernal oil, artificial flavor, and BHT

Just a reminder of how important reading the labels is! Here are just a few brands I know I can trust for cereal that’s actually healthy:

Kashi ~ Nature’s Path ~ Bob’s Red Mill ~ Udi’s ~ Bear Naked~ Ambrosial~ Go Raw ~Two Moms in the Raw

There are countless others too! Just try to find one that has less than 40 g carbs and 9 g sugar per cup.

Hope this saves you some time next grocery trip and happy cereal eating:)

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