Eating Clean and Green on a Budget

Okay, I’ll admit that I could have bought a car for  the price of the  Whole Foods king salmon I made last night-which oddly resembled one too!

Ocassionally, we splurge and enjoy- no regrets. But for the most part, healthy eating can be very inexpensive, as long as you know what to look for! Here’s some tips so that you can leave your next health food market without having to break into your retirement fund 😉

1.) Buy reduced price produce shelf  bananas, then freeze!

Buy produce that you know you will eat the next day of the reduced price shelf- most is half off or more! Besides, for smoothies, the riper, the better.

2.) Get your freeze on

Buying organic frozen vegetables is the perfect thing for those recipes you make occasionally that only call for a bit. Think soups, stews, and even stir-fry!

3.) Buy the store or generic brand for staples!

Those dimes and quarters add up! You usually get the same exact product. Here’s some things that I buy generic: almond milk, some breads, and condiments.

4.) Go homemade

Making your own veggie burgers is incredibly cheap and easy. Pick a base (beans, tofu, etc.), your vegetables (the more the merrier!), a binder (egg, flax egg.), and a flavor (Italian, Barbeque, etc.). Put it the food processor, form patties, and cook:) Here’s my rice and beans veggie burger loaded with kale and hidden under salad- I swear it’s there!

5.) Go tempeh/tofu!

Meat usually costs 6 dollars a pound. A package of tempeh? Less than three. And tofu? Less than two! Marinate, grill, broil-the options are endless:)

7.) Grow it yourself:)

Even if you live in the middle of the desert of the polar ic caps, there is always window produce! I’m lucky enough to have a raised bed garden, but you can grow herbs such as basil and cilantro in your windowsill:) I haven’t had to buy kale one day this year!

By doing these things, you’ll end up saving a bundle of cash…then go to the salad bar- you owe it to yourself:) And I always think about it this way: the few extra dollars I spend buying organic from local or small companies goes toward supporting our farmers- and what’s better than that?

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