Go-To Breakfast Ideas

Having to leave for school at 6:25, I’m lucky if I end up with matching socks on, much less with a fancy breakfast! However, I always try to make the time to throw together something filling and healthy, since nobody likes being hungry at school. Whether it be a big green smoothie or a 5 minute protein pancake, here are some of my quick and easy go-to ideas!

1.) Healthy cereal. Original, right? ;)  But really, it’s always been a favorite and you can’t beat the convenience. I amp mine up with fresh fruit and chia seeds.


2.) Oats+nut butter+mini smoothie. This combo is always a winner, and keeps me full for hours.



3. Egg Sandwich on an English Muffin. Love, love, love this combo! My toppings are almost always 1 egg+1 egg white, 1/4 avocado, and hummus. This one has kabocha squash on it because I had leftover kabocha that needed to be used up- yum!


…or just egg avocado toast!


4.) Yogurt bowls are easy and protein-packed, never without granola :)


love grown simply oats 2

5.) Already halfway made by the morning, my power parfaits are great especially when you have to wait a long time until lunch.

power pbbanchoc real

6.) Muffins? Yes please! These are super easy to pack in the morning


7.) 5 minute protein pancakes are common occurrences around here!


8.) And the good old bar? Not a bad choice either :)


After writing that post, I’m definitely making breakfast for dinner ;)

And congrats to my VitaTops giveaway winner:

Simone Slater! Thanks to everyone who entered!


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