Life Saving Kitchen Tricks

As much as I love cooking, I never look forward to the tedious parts…crying while chopping onions, the sting of garlic under your nails, and waiting an hour when you want a sweet potato for lunch are all things we could live without:) Here a few kitchen tricks that are such life-savers in my kitchen. Whether it’s preventing food spoilage or giving inspiration, all of these tricks reduce cooking time while increasing effectiveness!

1.) Stuck on what to do with leftovers?

I recently discovered Big Oven, and I love its recipe>leftover page! You click the ingredients you have, and they narrow down their some 250,000+recipes to meet your requirements. And, most of the recipes are healthy! Win!

Big Oven


2.) Throwing away coconut milk

Generally when I make coconut curry or smoothies, I never end up using the whole can. Then it ends up sitting in the depths of the fridge and going rancid until I finally end up throwing it away. That happened countless times until I found this trick: freeze leftover milk into an ice cube mold and use for future recipes!

Coconut milk cubes

I also do the same with leftover tomato puree and pasta sauce! These go great in almost all recipes and save you money! Pic from  LoveThroughtheStomach


4.) Health trick: Use leftover sweet potato to sweeten smoothies, oats, and other recipes. This is such a handy tick to cut down on added sugars, and sugar in general. Plus, it makes the prettiest colored dishes:)

sweet potato green smoothie

sweet potato oatmeal

5.) Crystallized Honey stuck in the bottom of the bottle?

No worries, just place the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and you are good to go. By the way, sweet potato+nut butter+honey is a must try!


6.) We all hate peeling garlic…

I used to dread cooking with garlic, until I found this video: Peeling Garlic. Just crush, place in a salad bowl, cover with an equal sized bowl, and shake! This really does help sooo much, and is great for recipes that use plenty of garlic, like my curries:

garlic gold curry

7.) Onions!

And I didn’t forget about the infamous onions! Here are a few tricks on how to chop them without looking like you just had a tantrum:

Chopping Onions

They will be ready to add to your next wrap, stew, or curry in no time!

veggie wrap3

Hope these help you out a bit- I know they are all staples in my kitchen!

We are still all here, so have a great day! Haha



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