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Home Sweet Home

After an amazing trip and a long drive home, I’m back on the blog 🙂 We headed out of town for a horse competition, and it was a blast! Spending time with friends, family, and horses made for an awesome vacation.

I lucked out with the weather- it was up in the 70s for most of the time!


I was lucky enough to be able to show a pony named Peccy, who was glad to enjoy the nice weather as well. She isn’t mine, but I was so fortunate to be able to ride her!


It was freezing when we started driving, so my mom pulled into Starbucks for tea. That’s always a good detour 😉


Once we arrived, I got an long overdue impromptu haircut, since my hair wouldn’t fit in my helmet. We took about 3 inches off, and I was glad to have those split ends gone!


The facility had some great lunch options. I loved the salads there, and this one had chickpeas, oil/vinegar, sundried tomatoes, and avocado.


We kept it healthy at breakfast with nut butter/banana on instant oats, which are the best invention ever for traveling.


I may have had all those healthy eats, but I didn’t miss out on the chocolate gelato either 🙂


We got home around midnight, and I walked into my sister’s room to find this sleepy puppy:


He didn’t even wake up- I thought he was going to be a least a little excited to see me!;)

And here’s a little sneak peek for tomorrow’s post. This morning, I made Buckwheat Banana Pancakes, which were as decadent as they were filling. I can do serious pancake damage, but ended up splitting this with my sister.


Yep, I’ll probably be making them everyday for the next few weeks 😉 Have a great day!

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Why? Because it’s WIAW, thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Before I start, go enter my Way Better Snacks giveaway if you haven’t already:)

Here’s yesterday’s eats:

1.) Steel cut oats+Honey+Banana+Almond Butter. So simple but so good, every time! Another spoonful of almond butter on the side


2.) GF bread+hummus+chicken+veggies with an apple and black bean chips.  Maybe I should start switching it up, but then again, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?;)


3.) Greek yogurt with blueberries and vanilla protein powder


Then I went to the ponies!

Speaking of horses, who else loved the Budweiser commercial this year? I saw it over on Amanda’s blog- so sweet!


4.) Chicken Barley Soup (x2)+ Avocado Salad. My Grandma made this soup and it was amazing. I know it’s stereotypical, but grandmas seriously always have the best soups.


Followed by 2 dark chocolates– because everything is better with chocolate:)


Product loving this week is all about tomatoes:

Bionaturae Organic No Salt Added Tomatoes have been  perfect in chilis, and

Cedar’s Sundried Tomato and Basil Hummus is just as good as it sounds!

25 productloving

Last but no least, my favorite cosmetic this week is coconut oil! You just have to use a tiny bit on a Q-tip. It’s perfect for getting mascara smudges off.


Only 2 days until Friday:) Have a great day!

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Tuesday Thoughts

Lately, I’ve been seeing surveys popping up on blogs everywhere, from Abby’s  to Kaity’s to Tina’s. I love reading them, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon for today!

1. What did you eat for breakfast?

Greek yogurt+ raspberries+ Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal! This breakfast is super easy to throw together and always keeps me going until lunch.


2. How much water do you drink a day?

I don’t really keep track, and tend to forget throughout the day! Drinking more water is definitely a goal of mine. Making healthy “lemonades” like this makes getting water in easier:)


3. What is your current favorite workout?

Riding horses! Lego can definitely be a workout when he’s in a testy mood;)

lego dressage

4. How many calories do you eat a day?

I don’t keep track, but have increased them throughout the past year, like in this post:  WIAW- Now and Then

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

Snacks are the best! Here are my favorites:

Almond butter+fruit

Greek yogurt

Granola bars

Hummus+ veggies!


6. What do you usually eat for lunch?

Wraps, almond butter sandwiches, granola bars+fruit- Pretty much whatever is semi-easy to pack and eat at school!


7. What is your favorite body part to strength train?

Abs- I’ve always been good at situps, as much as I dread them!

8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?

Probably my legs- lunges are no fun.

9. What are your “bad” food cravings?

I don’t really consider it bad, but I have a major weakness for chocolate (doesn’t everyone?). Especially from Trader Joe’s.


10. Do you take vitamins or supplements?

Just a daily multi

11. How often do you eat out?

Generally only about once a week, and I try to cook all of the other nights. I eating out though, especially at healthy places!

wiaw sep wf salad

12. Do you eat fast food?

Rarely ever, unless Chipotle counts! # guacamole addiction


13. Who is your biggest supporter?

My family, my friends, and God! Zazu provides some pretty good laughs around here too:)


14. Do you have a gym membership?

Nope, but I would like to eventually!

15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

About 7 hours

16. Do you drink alcohol?

I’m 15, so I don’t think this question applies:) (and Kombucha doesn’t count haha)

17. Do you have a workout buddy?

My sister loves to run, so we always go together! And Zazu makes sure I keep up the pace by dragging me around.

18. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Learning how to cook real food, and how to balance healthy with delicious!

19. What was the last healthy thing you did?

Made this quinoa salad! This was the only photo I got before my camera died. Thanks, Zazu  😉



What was the last healthy thing you did?

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