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On the Road

We’ve headed out of town for a few days, and I am SO excited! We were supposed to leave at around 6 AM (Translation: 8:30 AM), so I made sure to pack a few healthy staples up the night before! On our across the country road trip last summer, I learned quite a few things about keeping up the healthy choices while traveling. Sometimes, all you have is this…

Mcdonalds sign (2)

..and that’s okay. But it helps to have quite a few healthy snacks on board for the trip down as well as when you arrive  🙂 I didn’t specifically go shopping for the trip, but a few weeks ago I began collecting a few things from here and there and putting them in a bag so there wouldn’t be any pressure on packing day.

1.) One of these items was Way Better Chips, which I bought another bag of since I loved the samples so much!


2.) Almonds, these cute little flax packs, and a frozen Greek yogurt for the car ride. I love freezing individual yogurts- 5 yours later they thaw and turn into fro-yo!


3.) Lydia’s Green powder sample and a few power muffins


4.) Orgains, OU81 Bars that just came in for review, and trail mix.


5.) Last but not least, we can’t forget good old instant oats, as well as fruit! I packed in apples and bananas.


And just for fun:



And more thing: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my lovely readers for leaving such nice comments all the time! They really do make my day 🙂


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