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WIAW- Creamy Quinoa with Bruschetta

Hi there!

I know it’s a cliché way to start off these posts, but I really can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! I love it when Friday comes around quickly 🙂

Yesterday was full of goodness, starting with another 5 minute Buckwheat Banana Pancake. Topped with Greek yogurt and nut butter, because there’s nothing more sad than a naked pancake! Haha


I used homemade almondmilk that I made following this recipe from Oh She Glows- it only took me about 5 minutes and I was happy with how it turned out!


A snack of the rest of this Goji Fire Trail Mix, which, with most of the spicy-ness ending up in the bottom of the bag,  made me take a million trips to the water fountain during school 😉


I love that they sell this mix in the WF Bulk bins. Has anyone heard of Whole Foods Parking Lot music video? It definitely made for a few laughs 😉

I used avocado to pack a quick lunch of…

308avo guessed it! A wrap.


3 hours later? A Greek yogurt mess- I love these. Cocoa powder+organic yogurt+honey is a great combo, especially when you put banana and granola in the mix.


And a really, really good dinner of creamy quinoa, an egg, and some bruschetta sauce. Especially good because the hardest part was cooking the quinoa, and everything else took only a minute!


Speaking of bruschetta, Trader Joe’s Bruschetta is the product of the week! I love how just a little goes a long way.


Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW linkup every Wednesday!


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WIAW- Buckwheat Banana Pancakes!

This WIAW is all about…

Buckwheat flour. Gluten-free, full of fiber and protein, bakes easily in everything. Where has this been all my life?!

It’s my new favorite food find, and I’ve been eating it in everything from decadent yet super easy pancakes…


…to chocolate muffins…


…to granola…

raw one yogurt

I was surprised at how inexpensive it is, too! You can pick it up at Whole Foods, or you can buy a good-sized bag online for $4.29 at Swanson Vitamins here. I always end up wanting to buy everything in Swanson, so I have to bring out my self-control whenever I go on that site! 😉

Back to the pancakes. These are just like my oat flour ones, but the buckwheat makes them more hearty and dense. I loved, loved, loved how much staying-power just one of these had!


The recipe is really, really easy.



1 ripe banana

1 /4 cup almondmilk

1 egg+1 egg white


1/2 c. buckwheat flour

1 T. or so of a good-tasting protein powder (optional)

1/2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. baking soda


You take your dry ingredients and mix them in a bowl:


 Take your wet ingredients and mix them in a separate bowl:


Then gradually stir the dry into the wet, mixing until smooth. Heat a pan on medium high with a smidge of olive oil and pour the batter in!Simple as that. This recipe makes two small/medium pancakes, but I decided to just make one really big one 🙂


Topped with maple almond butter, cashew butter, banana, and Greek yogurt? Yep, I’m sold 🙂

Happy WIAW!

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WIAW- Short and Sweet

Hi there!

It’s WIAW again- always fun! This WIAW is going to be short and sweet, because my internet connection is being slower than molasses and Zazu keeps asking to go outside every 5 seconds haha.  Let’s get right to it 😉

Breakfast of banafied oats with chocolate pumpkin seeds, and carrot/cucumber/apple/lemon juice. Classic combo!

Snack of a mini power muffin from my new favorite recipe. I have to keep making batches of these because they go fast in my family!


My ever so predictable lunch of a wrap, Way Better chips, and an apple. #nevergetsold


After school snack of Stonyfield Greek plain with cocoa powder and raw supergreen granola. The granola might look odd, but it just tastes like coconut and is so good!


Then it was off to do barn chores. Buddy did his first jumping show this week and was such a good pony! I’m so blessed to have them in my life.


A loaded sweet potato with a probably too many spoonfuls of hummus became dinner- my new favorite! (Apologies for the picture repeat)


Dessert and product loving are all wrapped up in one! My mom went on a quick errand to CVS for a few things, and returned home with this! My first time ever trying Justin’s Maple Almond Butter did not disappoint, especially paired with banana. It’s really just a big jar of bliss.


And Zazu even got a tiny taste 😉


Thanks to the awesome Jenn for hosting WIAW each week!

Have a great day,


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WIAW- The Protein Pancake Takeover

Hi there!

This WIAW has a new favorite- protein pancakes! To be honest, I didn’t understand the fad over them at first. The batter sounded, well…intersting, and I thought they would fail to have any staying power. But thanks to Jessie,  Jessie, and Heather, I finally gave them a try. And loved them! These are super healthy, so filling, and incredibly easy.


I take one banana, 1/3 c. oat flour, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 2 T. chocolate protein powder and one egg, mash it all up, and let it go for about 90 seconds on each side. Formal recipe coming soon!


This isn’t a situation where you pretend that a raw juice pulp burger (which is actually pretty good!) tastes exactly like a Big Mac. Nope, these are just like regular pancakes:) Fluffy, soft, and decadent- yum!


I couldn’t spend all day eating pancakes sadly, so after I headed to school. Has anyone heard of the sock bun? My sweet sister did (a gigantic) one in my hair for school recently.  I couldn’t figure it out, but she learned it right away from this tutorial! It only took two seconds once we found a sock that hadn’t been shredded by Zazu:)


Lunch was a chicken hummus veggie sweet potato wrap with crackers and a Cutie.


Since we have to drive past Trader Joe’s on the way home from school, we stopped in for a few minutes because we were running low on a few things. Yogurt, water, bananas, tortillas, and hummus all made it to the cart.


I broke into the individual yogurt once I was home:) Then we headed to the barn.


And dinner was an acorn squash half filled with curried quinoa and topped with salty pistachios. So good! Recipe coming soon


Red Velvet Red Mango. Enough said.


I still have some homework left, so I’m skipping the product loving today.

Have a lovely WIAW!


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Why? Because it’s WIAW, thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Before I start, go enter my Way Better Snacks giveaway if you haven’t already:)

Here’s yesterday’s eats:

1.) Steel cut oats+Honey+Banana+Almond Butter. So simple but so good, every time! Another spoonful of almond butter on the side


2.) GF bread+hummus+chicken+veggies with an apple and black bean chips.  Maybe I should start switching it up, but then again, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?;)


3.) Greek yogurt with blueberries and vanilla protein powder


Then I went to the ponies!

Speaking of horses, who else loved the Budweiser commercial this year? I saw it over on Amanda’s blog- so sweet!


4.) Chicken Barley Soup (x2)+ Avocado Salad. My Grandma made this soup and it was amazing. I know it’s stereotypical, but grandmas seriously always have the best soups.


Followed by 2 dark chocolates– because everything is better with chocolate:)


Product loving this week is all about tomatoes:

Bionaturae Organic No Salt Added Tomatoes have been  perfect in chilis, and

Cedar’s Sundried Tomato and Basil Hummus is just as good as it sounds!

25 productloving

Last but no least, my favorite cosmetic this week is coconut oil! You just have to use a tiny bit on a Q-tip. It’s perfect for getting mascara smudges off.


Only 2 days until Friday:) Have a great day!

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WIAW- Typical Day:)

Good morning! Ready for another round of WIAW?

Breakfast: Wallaby Greek+Cereal+Apple+Chia+Vega

I love this combo- it’s been breakfast for two weeks now! Nope, it hasn’t gotten old.


Lunch: Quinoa Salad from yesterday with hummus, avo, greens, and chicken

Because everything is better with hummus and avocado:)


Snack: Apple+GF English Muffin+Almond Butter and Jam


I also got to see Parental Guidance. I accidentally asked the lady for 3 tickets to Prenatal Guidance(??), though. That awkward moment! Haha

Anyways, it was super cute!



Dinner: Green salad with my Goddess Dressing, sweet potato, and salmon (x2).


 Last time I made salmon, I forgot about it until it began to smell like smoke! This time, it turned out perfect:)

Funny Confession Ecard: My cooking is fabulous. Even the smoke alarm is cheering me on!


Dessert: A few of these little gems.

My sweet old Italian neighbor always bakes these with her secret and traditional recipe and brings them to us. One is Raisin Chocolate Walnut, and the other is Chocolate Chip. Neither are super sweet, and they are perfect with tea. Of course, I had to try some of each;)


Onto Product Loving!

1.) Trader Joes’s Smooth and Creamy Classic Hummus:

 I couldn’t stop putting this amazing hummus on wraps, potatoes, salads, and sandwiches!


2.) Cook Simple Cowboy Chili:

This natural mix is a great option when your short on time. I add butternut squash and sweet potato, and it’s always a hit!



Mineral Fusion Nail Polish– natural nail polish? Yes please!


and now just a few of the amazing blogs I’ve been reading lately:

Abby Eats Almonds, Kath Eats, Avery Cooks, Clean Eating Veggie Girl, Clean Eats Fast Feets, Jessie Bear What Will You Wear, Peace Love and OatsPencils and Pancakes, Alisha’s Appetite, and Cookie Dough Katzen

And that’s all for now:) Have a lovely WIAW and thanks (as always) to Jenn!

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WIAW- Lately

Good morning! Zazu can’t seem to get out of bed this morning (nor can I!). He makes me laugh a million times daily:)


This week is flying by, although that’s probably due to the fact that we had an awesome 3 day weekend!

The theme of this week’s WIAW is everything I have been doing around here the last week! Let’s get it started 🙂

Lately I have been…juicing! I’ve juiced almost every day this week with breakfast. The combo below is my classic blend, and I love the tang from the lemon. Basically I compile a bunch of produce, and watch this:

wiaw juice b4

turn into this:



Lately I have been… listening to my body. I was still hungry after this breakfast of Hummus+Avo combo on 1/2 of an English muffin, so I made another. And felt amazing!


Lately…I have been really focusing on photography, and working on soft lighting and tones like in this pic. I’m lucky enough to have a nice camera, and figured I might as well learn to use it to its full capability!


Lately… I have been loving cinnamon. The morning’s breakfast held me over well, but I did sneak in a few handfuls of these amazing GF Cinnamon Skinny Crisps.


Lately…I have been packing my lunch the night before. It’s always a nightly debate (should I spend 5 minutes or go to bed right now?), but it’s so worth it in the morning! Lunch was chicken hummus avo veggie tacos, packed to school on lots of icepacks.


Lately… I have been loving Mexican food (a little random haha). For dinner, we stopped by Chipotle-holy yum! I was especially happy when the nice lady gave me a mountain good size serving of guacamole, which is hidden under lettuce. The last 3 times I’ve been there, I’ve gotten seriously skimped on the guac haha. #avocadoproblems


Lately…I have been reading for fun! I used to all the time, but we get assigned so many school books now that it’s hard to find the time. There’s always time for cookbooks around here!

wiaw books

Lately….I have been learning lessons. Both life lessons, and little lessons. Little lessons as in when you make a giant delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pancake…


and realize you forgot to spray the pan;) These crumbles are amazing on yogurt, though!


And a quick product loving of Orgain

wiaw orgain

TJ’s Red Lentils:


and Giovanni Magnetic Hair Care:

wiaw giovanni

That’s all for today! Thanks to Jenn for hosting and have a lovely day!


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WIAW-Gotta Love Green Smoothies

Another week, another WIAW! As always, thanks to the lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this great blogger link-up:)

Do you ever have those days where you are super hungry all the time? I’ve been wanting to eat everything in sight-all week! Extra thick chai  green smoothies have been appearing all week long…


Breakfasts have also been yogurt bowls, because for some reason we have 6 different yogurts that are each about a fourth of the way full (don’t ask haha). The new Wallaby Organic Greek is super good!


An orange and almonds as school snacks- such a classic combo.


After school lunch on the way to the ponies- Whole Food’s hot bar:) Never gets old!


Next up is a recent dinner of hummus baked chicken, squash, and barley. I love this chicken recipe!  Just take half a cup of hummus and coat over 4 chicken breasts, then bake as normal. Yum!


Quick (and giant!) salads of leftover chicken, veggies, and hummus…simple but unbeatable.


And last but not least, broiled salmon, garden lettuce, and sweet potato. Frozen salmon is so great to have on hand for quick dinners!


Product loving is definitely special this week, because I finally sucked it up and bought a tub of Vega! It was on sale and  so worth every penny! And TJ’s Dark Chocolate with Pecans and Raisins because, when isn’t chocolate amazing?


Cosmetic of the week? Burt’s Bees Hand Cream


That’s all for now! Happy Wednesday:)

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WIAW-Here’s to 2013!

First off, happy New Year to all of you! I can’t believe 2012 is already over. Time is flying so fast that it will be summer in no time- as Zazu is hoping;) He hates the cold!


We just made it back from our ski trip, which was a blast:) It was 5 degrees, snowing, and breezy in this photo with the sis, but the background was too pretty not to take advantage of! We stacked on a million layers and headed out:)


The scenery was gorgeous, too!


There were plenty of amazing eats during the trip, as well as on the way back. Heading home, we drove past a little acai bowl shop called Truberry, and decided to check it out:) I got the TruGreen with plant protein, and the owner was so sweet to top it off with free extras like honey, granola, and bananas. Normally I’m not a huge acai bowl fan (since they’re generally a sugary juice base and overpriced) and but this one was amazing! It wasn’t overly sweet and kept me full for hours, too.


Next up was a packed tupperware lunch of this leftover Lentil Meatloaf (recipe to come!). It didn’t look quite as pretty as it does when I made it fresh in this pic:

vegan meatloaf3

…but it still tasted great!

A 3:30 Starbucks snack- I couldn’t resist one of these bars:


Dinner was more of this veggie-packed soup. The more I make it, the more I love it! I will be posting the recipe shortly:)


And a dessert of Blueberry Siggi’s with frozen blueberries and this Erewhon cereal that I won over in Danica’s generous giveaway! I’m actually glad this yogurt has a hefty price tag, because when I buy it occasionally as a splurge, it’s always better than getting to have it every day:)


But before all of this, there were some stand-outs at our holiday parties that I thought I should share-

We put pomegranate arils in sparkling water at Christmas dinner, and found that the carbonation makes them constantly float up and down- definitely a cute party idea to keep in mind!


And then there was Wild Salmon Lox, wheat crackers, and dip at New Year’s- so good!


And what’s a WIAW without product loving?


1.) Larabar Uber Bars– Made for the perfect ski fuel! Love that they have lower sugar, too. My mom brought home this giant box from Sam’s Club- of course I was ridiculously excited;)

2.) Kombucha in Gingerade: My new favorite *gasp!* Just a little bit better than the MultiGreen.

And a new try this week was these Brown Rice Tortillas from my beloved Trader Joe’s:

(pic from SugarFreeMom)

I wasn’t a huge fan of these, though. They were crumbly and very tough- although they did have good stats! They would probably be great for quesadillas, however.

Last but not least, I had to include cosmetic loving this week, because I am obsessed with this Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub. I think if heaven had a smell, it would be this!

giovanni hot cocoa

Wishing you all a year of health and happiness!


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WIAW-Last One?!;)

It might just be the last WIAW…Ready for the world to end? Haha


Well I’m ready for Christmas! There’s plenty of family, friends, and good eats to look forward to during winter break:) But before we jump into WIAW, I want to give another condolence to the family and little angels of Sandy Hook. I think I’m still in shock.


On to this week’s WIAW, thanks to the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons:) Breakfast was these cocoa blueberry oats, and this peach banana berry smoothie. Definitely provided major staying power as I was barely hungry for lunch!


peach berry best

We discovered this little gem while driving today: Go Raw Cafe. I had heard so many great things about it, but had failed to go there for some odd reason. It is sooo good. Although their menu was huge and everything sounded great, I went with the half order of the Raw Enchiladas, which came complete with “beans”, guacamole, and “rice”. I loved it all, and definitely plan on returning!


I also had a Greek yogurt when I got home, which felt so wrong after going to a raw cafe! 😉

After a lightish lunch,  I was hungry for dinner! Sunflower seed bread w/ hummus, pan seared salmon, and veggies did the trick. I wish I could say I grew those veggies, but my dog is currently using my garden as a bone cemetery.


1219 samlom

Another great dinner this week was a chickpea flour flatbread with a broiled egg- yum! I then proceeded to pile on a mountain of toppings.


And dessert was a new one- 1/2 a Kombucha+ chia seeds went into the freezer last night and made this popsicle! That’s what I do with all my smoothie fails, too. Does that count as recycling?:)


Product loving!


1.) Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour: I used up half the bag trying to make something edible, and then this happened…yum!

2.) Coconut!: Coconut water straight from the coconut is a million times better than bottled. I sound like such a coconut water snob, but it’s true!

3.) Green and Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate: Smooth and creamy

That’s it for now, except I am snacking on some of my sister’s dark chocolate (shhh). Have a great week!


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